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Internet is fast and waits for no one.. so just to update my journal I must say that Winamp will not die, probably just transform..

Here you can read more:…
It is strange to say it as I´m using it.. but sad news today.. Winamp development has reached an end, get the final release before it goes offline (and drop your thoughts over the forums, flood it if you can, cry it, shout it, propose):

I know I am old when...

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 11, 2013, 7:43 AM
I know I´m old when I use a Winamp skin and (want to but) can´t hit "stop" button to stop the music... ´cause it got stuck in my mind that "Pause" still makes the CD spin.. =)

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DeviantArt magic

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 7, 2013, 9:36 PM
Well.. creating the Journal design was fun and took most of the time I planned to put on this, so the "journal writing" part will be shorter..

Thanks to Jan-Oscar I have now a 3 month Premium Membership, this is the second time it happens to me (the previous was given by victorbarac). I admit itīs not a big deal, Iīm not really such a prolific artist, but the gesture they had is... outstanding, beautifully cool at least.
And this is the kind of things that makes me love DeviantArt so much (and stick around until now, 11 years! I donīt think I have another "account" as old..), this is one of the few (last?) places / websites where people actually enjoy art and is truly thankful for it, a place where you are judged by your art and nothing else. It doesnīt matter how boring you are, how old, how fat or how ugly you are, it really doesnīt matter, ART IS ALL THAT MATTERS, and it shows, all over the site, you can see it.

And may be a stupid little thing, but is unique, in this world so full of originality-lacking and clones or variations of stablished formulas, IT IS UNIQUE. And Iīm thankful for that, Iīm glad of being part of this community for such a long time now, despite Iīm not an active member as other may be (sadly I donīt have the talent nor the perseverance, not even the focus sometimes), I truly love what people do here, I never get tired of finding interesting art / artist, I never spend ONE DAY without opening my DeviantWatch!.

So, closing.. DeviantArt never stops inspiring me, thanks to the art I find here or thanks to what people do. Hopefully inspiration wonīt abandon me for a while now and Iīll be uploading more stuff soon. Thanks for reading if you did ;).

Original Journal skin: Collab between sedART & petercui